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We're dedicated to keeping your kids happy and smiling! At Dentistry in Newmarket, our dentists offer qualified dental services for children of all ages.

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Healthy smiles for kids!

Our dental team understands the importance of finding a family-friendly dental team in your community. We can help!

It is important to us that your child receives proper oral health care and starts off on the right foot. We always make it our priority to make your child feel comfortable with their treatments and have a fun and memorable experience. We have experience with kids and teens of all ages!

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When should my child start their dental visits?

You should schedule an appointment with our dentists after your child starts to grow their first tooth. The first appointment should be around your child’s first birthday.

Services that we offer for kids include

  • Preventive hygiene
  • Discussing development and diet with parents
  • Habit-breaking appliances and techniques, such as thumb sucking
  • Dental sealants
  • Early preventive orthodontic treatments and more!

Anxious child? We can help!

It's normal for kids to be nervous about the dentist. Our team is experienced and uses various tricks and tools to calm anxious children. Usually, a friendly manner and some entertaining distractions, such as their favourite movie or TV show, are enough to calm most children. Their parents helping to soothe them if they get upset also goes a long way.

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