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At Dentistry in Newmarket, we are proud to provide patients with technology to treat all their dental needs.

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iTERO: Digital Impressions

We are proud to have the iTero Digital Scanner for digital impressions. This scanner allows us to take digital images of your mouth easily and with less hassle for procedures like crowns, veneers, implants, bridges and mouthguards. This digital impression provides a very accurate model of your teeth for the fabrication of your new restorations and appliances!

CAD/CAM: Ceramic or Porcelain Restorations

CAD/CAM (Computer-aided Design) technology is used to design and mill precise restorations such as veneers, partial and full crowns, and multiple-tooth bridges.  Using a specific camera, a digital scan is taken of the tooth in the mouth or dental model of the prepared tooth.

This scan is a very accurate optical impression of the tooth and is used to create ceramic and aesthetic restoration. CAD technology helps design the restoration from the optical impression, and offers:

  • Less time spent in the dental chair
  • A natural-looking filling 
  • A healthy, metal-free filling
  • No messy impressions or ill-fitting temporaries
  • A custom-matched restoration

Digital Radiography

Computerized digital radiographs take instant x-rays or images, and may use less than 90% radiation than conventional films.

The image of the digital radiograph is projected in a matter of seconds onto a computer monitor for immediate discussion, assessment, education, and treatment planning.  

Intra Oral Cameras & Digital Photography

Let's see things together! During your examination, an Intra-Oral Camera is used to take pictures of your teeth and gums with a tiny camera that is located at the end of a small wand.

The camera is an excellent tool for both the doctors and patients, as they are able to look at any problem areas together and discuss future courses of action. It is an essential tool in the diagnosis and treatment planning process. 

In addition, digital photography can be used to see your teeth before and after dental treatment.

Dental Lasers

Dental Lasers are used to diagnose, prevent and treat a variety of dental health problems, as well as aid in the healing process. We may use dental lasers for the following: 

  • Cold sore treatment
  • Gum pocket reduction treatment
  • Gum recontouring
  • Biopsies
  • Hemostasis

Curing Lights

Curing lights are used in metal-free aesthetic restorations for dental adhesion in composite and porcelain non-metal fillings, crowns, veneers, and bridges to cure or polymerize the resin materials.

Cavitron Ultrasonic Scaling/Prophyjet

The first step in dental cleaning is scaling – the removal of plaque and tartar from all tooth surfaces. Scaling is performed both manually, by the Dental Hygienist, and by using a technology called a Cavitron.

The Cavitron is an ultrasonic scaler that works to remove and reduce tartar buildup and plaque on the teeth. The Prophyjet is used to polish the teeth and remove most stains.

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